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AutAngel Diversity Statement

We aspire to reflect the rich diversity of the autistic population. Although we know we aren’t there yet, we’re working hard on this. However, not all diversity is visible, and our team has representation from the following heritages/communities: Jewish, Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT), Indian and LGBTQ+.

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Caroline Hearst

Founder and Director

Caroline is a late diagnosed autistic adult. She runs Autism Matters, which offers autism awareness training and consultancy. She has two sons one of whom is autistic and both of whom currently live in New Zealand. She manages more work on her allotment in theory than in practice, concocts a soup now and then and occasionally creates photo collages

Contact Caroline at caroline@autangel.org.uk

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Nikki Holloway


Nikki was diagnosed in her forties and has always felt she was born several centuries later than she should have been. She lives with her husband, three children, and an anxious cat, two of whom are also diagnosed autistics. Nikki escapes from twenty first century life by growing vegetables, keeping chickens and ducks, and playing the piano.

Contact Nikki at nikki@autangel.org.uk


Laura Williams


Laura lives in Surrey with her cat Charlie. She realised she was autistic in her early 20s and was formally diagnosed in 2007. She has a degree in Animal Behaviour and is now studying for a postgraduate certificate in Autism. Outside of AutAngel she works at a cat shelter and enjoys cross stitching, birdwatching and geocaching.

Contact Laura at laura@autangel.org.uk


Panda Mery

Foundation Member

Panda is an almost too calm neurodivergent researcher, bricoleur, activist, productive irritant and flâneur living in London.

Contact Panda at panda@autangel.org.uk


Carrie Steers


Carrie joined the AutAngel staff team in 2020, having participated in a number of our groups and courses over the previous 2 years. Finding autistic community has been a revelation for her. She has spent much of the past decade supporting people with disability benefits applications, and (just about) managing a busy household.

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Christina Hughes

Christina gave up the office-bound life of a lawyer five years ago to retrain as a gardener and then as a horticultural therapist. One of the inspirations was the garden described in the book The Morville House, and so she made the trip to that garden, as you can see in the picture. Christina helped set up the AutAngel Allotment Group.

Contact Christina at christina@autangel.org.uk


Juliet Pleming

Group facilitator

Juliet received an adult diagnosis of Asperger’s a few years ago, after reading a book on how Asperger’s affects women & realising it affected her as well as other family members. Attending an AutAngel course helped her to explore her sense of identity in the light of this. She enjoys creating artwork & has trained in massage therapy & counselling.

Contact Juliet at info@autangel.org.uk

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Alex Forshaw

Group facilitator

Alex is a late diagnosed autistic woman who based her career as a software developer on one of her passionate interests. She is also a visual artist and graphic designer, and somehow finds time to play piano and guitar. She lives in NE Hampshire with her daughter and a growing collection of musical instruments.

Contact Alex at info@autangel.org.uk


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