What do we do?

Autangel is run by autistic people for autistic people, and we work together to strengthen autistic community.

• We’re creating a strong, safe social network for autistic people
• We offer training to showcase our unique autistic perspectives

Autistic space

AutAngel is a space where you can feel at home. There are more autistic people than is often assumed, but being autistic in a neurotypical world can still feel lonely. We’re proud of our quirkiness and passion, and our ability to cut through the crap. We also know the importance and power of feeling accepted, and that’s where the AutAngel community comes in. Whether you join us on Zoom for a group, or for some gardening, there’s no need to feel like the odd one out: this is autistic space.

Self-knowledge is powerful

Identifying as autistic sets you on a journey of self-discovery. This is exciting, and it can also be can be bewildering. We’ve been there too. This is something we share as a community, and we’re learning from one another. Our ten-week programme, Exploring Being Autistic, provides a peer-supported learning environment for adults who identify as autistic (either diagnosed or self-identified), and those who are still undecided. Our book, Being Autistic, shares the journeys of nine autistic adults – from the discovery of their difference to self-acceptance and empowerment.

Now live: our new crowdfunder

For AutAngel, this is a new way of raising funds. There is an array of AutAngel rewards on offer, from our book and tickets to our talks, to items handmade and generously supplied by our skilful craft group.

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“An absolutely brilliant book, with each contributor helping you to learn something more about autism.”

From Discovery To Acceptance

“An absolutely brilliant book, with each contributor helping you to learn something more about autism.”

Dinah Murray, Founder of the National Autistic Taskforce​​

“For many adults on the autism spectrum, diagnosis is a profound and liberating moment of self-recognition. But it’s also just the first step on a journey that lasts a lifetime.”

Steve Silberman, Author of Neurotribes

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