Programme feedback

“I had the pleasure of leading the evaluation of Caroline’s “Post Identification Programme” programme when she ran it for Reading Council interviewing autistic adults who have taken part in the programme to find out their views and experiences.  The feedback about the programme was overwhelmingly positive.  People really benefited from the autistic-led nature of the programme and thought that the content and delivery was absolutely brilliant.  Autistic adults have very little help or support available to them and this programme is an excellent way to provide that, within a friendly and supportive environment”

Laura Crane – Associate Professor & Deputy Director at the Centre for Research in Autism and Education, UCL. Her published peer-reviewed paper on the evaluation of Exploring Being Autistic can be found here.

Feedback from participants

I find it difficult to make conversation with people so, although I love learning new skills, over the years I have often dropped out of groups which I have joined. I was apprehensive about joining they Peer Support Groups but since Caroline Hearst was running it and I have heard her speak on autism before and been impressed by her knowledge and skills as a facilitator, I decided to give it a whirl. I am so glad that I did.

When I went along to the groups, I found it a liberating experience to be amongst people who are on a similar wavelength. We each felt comfortable to share our life experiences to discuss current difficulties and work out strategies to help. Caroline has been a patient, supportive and encouraging presence throughout.
It has been an extremely positive and supportive environment in which to share our experiences and explore further some of the highs and lows of being on the spectrum. All of the participants have found it most beneficial and would have hoped that it would be an ongoing group.

“As a parent carer of a teenager and an autistic woman going through the menopause (there are studies to show that this is a particularly difficult time for autistic women – and their families!) I had thought that I had found a particularly good, safe place to look forward to investing in my own health and well-being. The unexpected side effect is that each and every one of us in the group has been able to contribute to a nurturing environment for others and we have found that Caroline’s skilful facilitation has been empowering for us all.”

Audio feedback from Exploring Being Autistic

Caroline, who attended the course in 2016
Mother of man who attended the course
Kim, who attended the course in 2017
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