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Operationalizing Neurodiversity

20 January, 2021 @ 16:00 17:00

Operationalizing Neurodiversity: A Framework for Evaluating Outcome Measures in Autism and Other Relevant.

Presenter and Institution:
Ari Ne’eman, Policy Consultant at ACLU
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Abstract: Over the last three decades, the neurodiversity movement has attracted growing attention and enthusiasm from autistic people around the world. Centered on the idea of opposing a “cure” for autism and other neurological disabilities that find the movement relevant, neurodiversity argues for a comprehensive reframing of the objectives of research, policy and service-provision regarding autism and certain other disabilities. 

But as the neurodiversity movement has become increasingly popular, serious questions remain as to how to operationalize its principles into research and clinical practice. In the absence of specific frameworks for evaluating the extent to which research designs and clinical objectives align with neurodiversity principles, the movement risks becoming co-opted and losing its meaning and potential. This talk proposes a new framework for operationalizing neurodiversity principles focused on evaluating the outcome measures used in autism and developmental disability research and clinical practice.

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