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For young people: What is autism?

3 April, 2021 @ 18:00 19:00

So, you’re autistic… congratulations!

Wait. Should I be congratulating you? What even is autism?

Hey, I am Andy. A 23 year old autistic man and the creator of Spectrum Gaming, an online community for autistic young people.

One thing I really hate is that no one ever seems to be explain what autism actually is. It feels like people are too scared to talk about it! But it is really important to understand both the positives of autism, and some of the difficulties that come with it so you can live the best life you can.

This is why I would love to invite you to a talk about autism, where I can explain what autism is and share some things that can make life easier and make people easier to understand! But I want to share this in the right way, as someone who is autistic, and who is living a happy life as an autistic adult. 

(This talk is aimed at young people aged 10+, but the first half of the talk is accessible to younger children too!)


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